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Alphasoft is committed to giving our clients the very best customer service possible. The Alphasoft Support with it's main office in Bochum, Germany offers high quality support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our main philosophy is, that the customer decides about the priority of the request and when it has been successfully solved. The Alphasoft Support is staffed with laboratory experts as well as professional system engineers, so that an effective and efficient handling of all issues can be guaranteed.




Alphasoft Support Reachability



AlphaTrac is the web-based Support Service of Alphasoft, with which the customer can log and track all requests. AlphaTrac guarantees a fast and efficient handling of all issues around the clock.

By using AlphaTrac customers may:

  • * Open new requests
  • * See all investigative actions
  • * Add information and comments about a request
  • * See statistical information about their support call history
  • * Close requests and provide feedback about the support process

Please contact the Alphasoft Support for obtaining more information and the login credentials for AlphaTrac.