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Unilab-700 - webbased laboratory informationsystem

Medical laboratories are nowadays facing an increasing pressure with regards to cost- and process optimization. The goal of implementing a laboratory information system (LIS) must therefore be much more far reaching than just the support of the routine work. A modern LIS must guarantee an effective and efficient information management.

The modern laboratory information system Unilab-700 is based on our 25 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions for medical laboratories. Our long term experience and continuity in this area ensure a comprehensive understanding of the users' needs, an optimal integration of these needs into the offered solutions and a fast, successful realization of these solutions.

Unilab-700 supports all different disciplines of laboratory science, such as hematology, chemistry, immunology, blood bank, surgical pathology, anatomical pathology, flow cytometry and microbiology.





Unilab-700 is based on the most modern technologies: an object-relational database (Intersystems' Caché), use of the Internet/Intranet concept, XML for data exchange, SQL as a query language and Java based sub systems. An important feature of Unilab is it's high level of scalability and flexibility, which allows it to support different, heterogeneous laboratory organisations. Unilab is therefore able to handle requirements of small laboratories as well as requirements of large laboratories and complex organisational structures.

The core laboratory system is completed by a set of modern subsystems, as a Java based Online System for connecting all type of clinical analyzers (Unilab-300), a multi-functional Data-Warehouse (Unilab-800), a quality control solution and an efficient Scanning module (Unilab-620).